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Extended work hours

Our technicians provide continuing assistance to installers from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm and opening hours of sales at the various branches from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

AREA TECNICA: Tel. 02.38036.415 e-mail: | tecnici@hesa.com


Technical courses

Are conducted by HESA engineers and take place periodically at all the branches upon request and also at clients' offices. They provide information to better understand features, performances, basic technology, programming procedures, and whatever is necessary to ensure proper use of systems and equipments.

The H d'oro Award

The “H d’oro” Award was created in 2006 and is the only one of its kind in Italy. Its objective is to honour every year the best security installations made. It is a tribute to the excellence of installing companies that deliver the very best customized solutions to their clients. The “H d’oro” Award has two aims. The first is to officially honour the installing companies that displayed signal commitment by coming up with solutions different from the standard ones and which stand out for their originality. These solutions flow from the capacity to innovate and to interpret the needs for security and underscore the professional excellence of installing companies that deserve to be honoured and celebrated by local media. The second aim is to encourage other similar companies in Italy to come up with installations that best meet the security needs of end users, by applying themselves to the research and study of custom-made solutions, which is the most significant feature of smart work and professionalism among installing and integration companies. The jury of the Award is made up of personalities renowned for their proven competence and experience in the branch of security and who represent all the sectors of that branch. Its breadth guarantees that the awards are based on the objective merits of originality of solutions, over-arching functions and a good price/quality ratio, regardless of the brands or manufacturers of the equipment used.

Security Training Center

To enable installers to keep abreast of market changes and rise up to their challenges, HESA opened up in March 2011 a department dedicated to the organization of training courses, the Security Training Centre (Centro Formazione Sicurezza). In little more than 6 months, about 20 courses were organized in co-operation with external experts in different cities in Italy. The courses aim to provide far-reaching learning on some major issues: regulatory standards with courses on CCTV surveillance and privacy and the responsibility of the installer, technology with courses on IP, Konnex Protocol, engineering design and installation of fire detection systems, sales techniques, etc.



The products listed in the HESA catalogue benefit from an unlimited guarantee that extends to one year after the products are removed from the catalogue.



HESA RENT is the exclusive HESA initiative created to meet the needs of installers who need to create an intrusion, fire and video surveillance protections for a temporary period of time.