HESA History

In April 1968, at Milan's trade fair, Enzo Hruby, the current president of HESA S.p.A, unveils the first ultrasonic motion detector, capable of detecting any intrusion in a protected environment. The success is instantaneous and marks the beginning of a new era. In no time, electronic protection starts reshaping the life and habits of people. HESA S.p.A is founded in 1974 and soon becomes the most sought-after company by security professionals, installing and integration businesses, security agencies, technical engineering firms and large users keen to understand characteristics and performances of the most advanced systems and equipments being developed by the world's best manufacturers. The ability to promptly seize upon market expectations lead HESA , in 1991, to being the first to introduce remote security management in Italy. Thanks to this innovation, alarm systems may be remotely managed and programmed by the installers who may swiftly and at any time carry out a telephone diagnostic for each the system's component and perform maintenance operations. The Gruppo Italiano Telesicurezza (GIT) was born and came to total about 90 highly specialised security and installation companies that use HESA products. The GIT experience and the evolution of the market prompt HESA to decide in 2010 to set up its own commercial strategy aimed at forging customer loyalty on its own brand name. To that effect, the company builds a nationwide network of 64 installers/dealers and 96 authorized installers, who represent among HESA's most loyal customers. Unremitting commitment to customer needs remains the hallmark of HESA's policy.



Today, HESA employs about 70 persons, of which 20 engineers and 25 make up the commercial and marketing force. Sales are on a steady rise and bear out the corporate strategy adopted over the years. Headquartered in Milan, with two branches (Florence and Rome) and one agency with storage warehouses situated in Palermo, HESA provides logistics that deliver nationwide efficient distribution and service to clients.



Head quarters

Via Triboniano, 25 - 20156 Milano (Italy)
Phone: 02.380361 r.a. - Fax 02.38036.701
e-mail: hesa@hesa.com
Open: Man - Fri / 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Firenze Branch

Via Ilio Barontini 22/24A
Scandicci (FI)

Roma Branch

HESA S.p.A. - ROMA Via A. De Stefani, 42/56 Roma